(Note: there's nothing for sale on this page - it's purely info only)

Most Companies Are Shocked When I Show Them How Much Microsoft Word Is Costing Them...

(...They're Utterly Gobsmacked When I Later Claw Every Cent Back)

(...and I can do the same for you.)

First, though, some context...

I help businesses solve their Word problems.

I've been doing this for over 2-decades now.

And when business owners contact me to help with their Word templates and documentation, unfortunately, I see the same problems, time and time again.

The result being

They Have Little Idea of How Much Inefficiency with Microsoft Word Is Costing Them

After all, it's just Word, right?

It's almost like there's this acceptance that Word is:

  • difficult
  • frustrating
  • impossible to tame
  • to be suffered

All of which is utterly wrong, of course.

This running bad joke has, over time, led to it becoming an industry-accepted practice.

It's even spawned a small industry of dedicated Word-haters (and I love listening to them).

But none of this is great for you, the company owner, if you use Microsoft Word in your business.

The main problems for companies is

They Want to Solve Their Word Problems, But Don't Have a Clue Where to Turn...

That's where I come in...

My name's Russ Crowley.

I'm a certified Microsoft Word Expert, and I've got over 2 decades of experience of working directly with companies to solve their Word problems...

(Microsoft themselves have even hired me to help with their Word templates. Yes, the ones you download from within Word itself.)

I know what I'm doing.

I Help Companies Become Efficient with Word and Save $10,000's in Revenue

Here are some of my successes:

  • with a New York City-based company, I helped them save around $50,000 per year (in under 1 week's work)
  • with a global corporation (offices in 17 countries) I saved them 200-hours per year in just their UK office (in under 1 week's work)
  • how I turned a failing business venture into an immensely profitable one with just 25-hours' work

(With that latter project, in Feb 2019, what took them 3-months to do prior to contacting me, took me just 33-minutes to do with Word.)

Following which, the owner, wrote:

"I can wholly, unequivocally and without reservation recommend working with you, Russ. I speak five languages, and I don’t think I can find the words in any to make that statement any stronger or more sincere."

Jonty Yamisha


As I said at the top of the page, I'm not selling anything here.

The purpose of this page is to make you aware that the problems you're experiencing, though unique to you and your business, aren't unique to me.

I Am an Expert With Word and Have Achieved Unparalleled Successes, But I'm NOT a Miracle Worker

Unfortunately, many think that it's a couple of hours work, a few tweaks, and a "Here you go, sorted."

Again, it's just Word, right?

But, though I am a miracle worker, and can usually solve the problems of most companies in under a week, even I can't do it that fast.

Think of How Many Years You've Been Struggling With Word...

Even If You Wanted To Quantify The Cost, Could You?

It's like putting on weight over years and then going on a diet and wanting to shift all that excess by the end of the week.

It takes a little adjustment:

  • a mindset shift...
  • a little rethinking
  • a little retraining.

It's definitely achievable. The results above show that.

Before that, though, click on the link below and let's see how Word is costing you. It'll help paint a clearer picture: